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Although the main focus of our company is visual productions, our capabilities are far more reaching.
Inoptia's next step is to expand into the area of audio recording and editing. Our solid knowledge of music and recognition of its place in the emotion-driven world, will be particularly helpful with soundtrack selection and narration. 

At the present time our services are limited primarily to consulting and basic audio editing, but this is just the beginning.


It is not a coincidence that our staff includes a major radio station Golden Microphone award winner, as well as a Grammy-nominated musician. We are serious about audio. Very serious.
Starting next year we will offer our clients audio commercials and voice over video narrations. Please look forward to our audio service, we'll attach audio files to this site for you to hear the difference.
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Also coming next year is a service that is much more than just talk. We all have seen and heard senseless ads and
annoying commercials. The combination of unattractive voices, childish dialogs and out of place soundtracks do not

turn prospects into customers. This, my friends, creates tremendous opportunities for Inoptia and its clients. If your

goal is to stand out, if your career depends on being noticed, Inoptia is one of the world's best choices to consult.

We will find the way to separate you from the “me to” crowd, even in saturated radio, TV and internet environment.
Our voice over narration service represents also a tremendous value for foreign companies that are in the process of or are considering entering American market. We will ensure that your message is not lost in translation, and is delivered

in line with your company's intent. If your original text needs to be adjusted or corrected, our experts will provide you

with the most suitable replacement. Voice without consideration content is just a sound.

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