Finally freed from the corporate responsibilities, we are now in the business of image.
Just like any other new company we needed to identify clients that would benefit the most from the services we provide.


Real Estate related services have been one of the fastest growing and requested part of our business. And
we know why. Value. Great photography, world class editing capabilities and  unmatched sense of esthetics
set Inoptia apart from others.

The way Inoptia presents a property has become an inspiration for many photographers. We don’t just document a property, we are exposing the most attractive parts of it with a unique artistic perspective that is focused on satisfying potential buyer's taste and curiosity. We are marketing it.

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Another group of beneficiaries of our digital marketing services would be members of the music and entertainment community. The music industry is an example of this under-served market. We understand most of the reasons why this is the case, and we have some good ideas on how Inoptia’s influence and expertise can help musicians achieve success and recognition.

The third group we are planing to engage with is the art community at large which includes artists as well as galleries and other image-dependent identities.  

Last, but not least, we work with a wide variety of domestic and international businesses which are looking for professional representation of their products, services and brands in the American market, be it through digital, print  or any other type of media. Consistent branding strategy and clear targeted message help our clients gain market share and increase their revenues and profitability.   

Contact us: Inoptia  68-3578 Haena St Waikoloa, Hawaii 96738 Tel: 808-498-4048