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Inoptia's talent awards



Inoptia’s new initiative aimed at helping local talents had been confirmed. We are in it, and it’s going
to be a great experience. Here is what we have in mind and how you can participate in the project.
We are in the initial stage of the process, so the final offer may be adjusted, but the principles and goal of the project are simple: to help local talents gain recognition and opportunities. It is irrelevant

to us what talent you have, as long as we believe that your talent should be showcased.

The entry to the contest is simple and there is no cost to participants. This project is a Not For Profit and is driven
by our need to help those whom our expertise and professional services may bring the most of value. What would be in many cases a cost prohibitive proposition (details bellow, read all) is just a part of a package that we are working on.


Most of what the Big Island is famous for, when speaking of talents, is in our opinion the unbelievable number of great
solo musicians and outstanding bands. We are talking world class talents. Even those established musicians are barely getting the recognition they definitely deserved. We want to help those that are not getting any exposure and those who lack promotion skills or the means to work with marketing professionals.

We have no name for this category yet, but for now let’s call it Only One. It will cover those with talent other than music or the arts. It includes contemporary talent, such as Hula dance, comedy stand up, magicians, and even sport talents. Depending on the response, we might be dividing Only One into subcategories. Stay tuned.

Competition for the Inoptia's Talent Awards will start in October of this year, by then the whole project will be described in detail with a link to the online application and rules for participants to become official contenders.


If you like the idea and you are in position to help with organization of the event, please contact us. We are open
to suggestions and/or joint ventures. If you are a donor or business owner, become a sponsor. As stated above, this project is not for profit and all collected funds will be used for finalists, minus logistic costs associated with making that happen. We appreciate your time and any funds you contribute. Become a partner.

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